Dreamer. Achiever. Warrior. Friend. Giver. Him.

Dreamer. Achiever. Warrior. Friend. Giver. Him.

Dreamer. Achiever. Warrior. Friend. Giver. Him.

That’s Him. The House of Him Man. That’s you. Building confident whole men from the inside out is why we are here. To let you know your story matters. A better man creates a better world. Greatness is within. Let’s build together.

Your Journey starts here.

Men's Clothing

Your wardrobe is a tool that should be custom to you. Your lifestyle, your journey. Custom doesn’t mean expensive it means fit for the one who wears it. It means being comfortable and prepared for whatever opportunity may arise - from the office meeting to happy hour, from football tailgates to evenings fireside.

Men's Grooming

First impressions. Simple confidence. Wellness for years to come. Your hair and skin matter. The right hair and skincare routine is the ultimate in self care. Pure, powerful products and styles equip you to enjoy the benefits of an artesian spa right at home every morning and night. 

Custom Clothier

Step into the House of Him Custom, perfectly tailored. Designed for comfort. Inspired by you. Find classic timeless style meeting modern hues and cuts.

Social Club

You’re not alone in your journey. No man should be. The journey to greatness has twists and turns- a friend can cheer the soul and bring strength for the next phase of your growth. Social Club at the House of Him creates a space to allow men to build connections for their journey and find inspiration. Good drinks. New experiences. Enriching conversion. Solutions for life goals.

The TUX Rentals

The style of celebration. The perfect suit set for the ideal event. Engineered for polished looks and undeniable comfort. Step into your suit styled for your next unforgettable occasion.


Made just for YOU.