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Are you a House of Him connoisseur? Enjoy our entire Grooming line by House of Him. This bundle includes:

Refresh Shampoo by House of Him Fresh, clean, ready to style hair without any hassle. Refresh Shampoo by House of Him is formulated for daily use, and prepares your hair for the best possible styling results. It invigorates both your hair and scalp, while the light lather hydrates the hair without leaving it limp.

Renew Conditioner by House of Him - Renew Conditioner by House of Him is a light hydrating product specially formulated to gently moisturize and protect men’s hair, without the heavy weight of traditional conditioners that can leave the hair feeling limp. Invigorates and soothes men’s hair and leaves it with a fresh clean feel and scent.

Stand Texture Paste by House of Him Stand Texture Paste by House of Him provides volume and texture for a long-lasting defined look, ideal for most hair types. Stand has a firm hold, no shine finish and is water-soluble to easily wash out of your hair.

Build Molding Clay by House of Him Build Molding Clay is a strong hold product with a natural finish that is easily reworked throughout the day and just as importantly, washed out at the end. This is a revolutionary hair clay, designed specifically for men.
Build will tame hair short or long, adding texture and control to a diverse range of styles.

Lift Volume Powder by House of Him - Lift Volume Powder adds volume and texture to all hair types and lengths with a natural, matte finish. This volumizing powder is re-workable, making it the perfect day-to-day men's hair styling powder. If you're wanting to add texture, volume or control to your hair, without the fuss of a traditional wax or pomade, this the product for you.

Buff Beard Wash by House of Him Let’s face it—beards get a bad rap for being dirty and full of bacteria. So if you’re going to grow a beard, you owe it to beardsmen everywhere to keep yours clean. Buff Beard Wash was formulated for beardsmen. These gentle foaming suds gently dislodge dirt without drying out your beard.

Detail Beard Conditioner by House of Him - Detail Beard Conditioner is an excellent addition to every modern gentleman’s beard care regimen. Specially formulated for your facial hair, this washout moisturizing treatment is packed with natural ingredients to nourish both beard hair and the skin below.

Polish Beard Balm by House of Him Perfect for conditioning, smoothing, and shaping your facial hair for a more defined and well-groomed beard. Formulated with natural waxes and hydrating oils for keeping coarse beard hair manageable with each use. Polish offers just the right amount of hold to keep beard hairs tame and styled without making strands brittle and coarse.

Anti-Aging Hair & Skin Serum - Enjoy this anti-aging skin and hair serum with pure Essential Oils. This serum is safe on the hair and skin, keeping the skin looking young and healthy, while keeping the hair smooth and silky. It balances the oil production of the skin, benefiting both dry as well as oily skin, leaving it naturally beautiful and healthy.

Anti-Inflammatory Hair & Skin Serum Our Anti-Inflammatory Hair & Skin Serum is fantastic in calming skin and hair follicle inflammation. Apart from its incredible therapeutic benefits of healing chronic ailments, it is quite competent to tackle everyday problems such as that of your hair and skin.

Stimulating Hair & Skin Serum - With this hair and skin stimulating serum, allow coffee bean and caffeine to strengthen and improve the quality of your hair. This serum is safe on the hair and skin, keeping the skin looking young and healthy, while keeping the hair smooth and silky. When applied to the skin, this serum can help prevent aging and reduce the appearance of dark under-eye circles and puffiness.


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