"Your greatness is measured by your horizons."


Imagine yourself as a complete man…Complete. Full. Confident. Whole. Well. Inspired. What does that look like to you? What does it feel like?

We can tell you what that looks and feels like to us. We can tell you it is possible. Now here’s the kicker- it’s a process. It’s not instant, overnight, or at the click of a button. It’s a step by step that becomes easier and then becomes a lifestyle that brings the greatness in you.

See what people don’t tell you is that wholeness is possible. The hard truth is that it doesn’t come at once. It’s brick upon brick. Moment by moment. But you don’t have to do it alone. That’s the key. You can have help along the way. Soon you find things become clearer, easier, better. You awaken to realize- I got this.


House of Him can walk with you, side by side, to get you there.

What We Do

As a lifestyle brand, House of Him offers products and services in:

Clothing - Shop our products or book a Personal Shopping Experience at one of our locations. Too far from a House of Him storefront? Don't stress! We offer online consultations and Personalized Look Books suited to your needs.

Grooming - Shop our grooming products or book a grooming or spa service from one of Men's Lifestyle Experts. Not close to one of our stores? We can come to you! Whether it be a wedding, special event, or video shoot, experience specialized House of Him grooming on location.

Need a grooming regimen, try our House of Him Hair, Beard, or Skin products. Never run out of your favorite products by starting your subscription to receive them as often as you'd like. You even get a 10% discount when you subscribe!

Nutrition - We understand how difficult it can be to be everything - for your family, career, and still make healthy decisions. Book a 1:1 call with our Nutritional Coach to discuss options that meet your needs.

How It Works

1. Talk to our Personal Concierge to narrow down your style, grooming, and nutrition goals.

2. Once your Personal Concierge has made proper recommendations with you, you can begin your journey to better style, grooming, and nutrition. Receive a numbered clothing legend, the House of Him Lookbook, a nutrition success coach, and a custom plan for your grooming regimen.

3. Get started now.

Begin Your Journey Today